Beth Andrews

Romance author. Coffee addict. Hockey lover. Dreamer.

A Marine for Christmas

Brady Sheppard is officially in hell. Trapped in his hometown recovering from the injury that ended his military career, he’d rather just be left alone. He doesn’t want to work in the family winery. He doesn’t want to reconnect with old friends. Especially after his former fiancée ties the knot with some other guy. Once Brady’s knee is better, he is so outta here.

Escape isn’t happening any time soon, however. When J.C. Montgomery announces she’s pregnant and he’s responsible, he’s stuck. How could that one night, which was all about him forgetting, have such massive consequences? Consequences he can’t handle.

Funny thing, though. Watching cute J.C. stand up to him makes him reconsider. Her strength and determination to do right by the baby inspire him. And every moment he’s with her, he sees more about her that is beautiful…and irresistible. Now his challenge is to shape up and be the Marine she deserves…before it’s too late.