Beth Andrews

Romance author. Coffee addict. Hockey lover. Dreamer.

A Not-So-Perfect Past

Serenity Springs series, book #2

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Once bitten, twice shy…

Single mother Nina Carlson knows all the reasons why she shouldn’t get involved with carpenter Dillon Ward—and if she didn’t, her family and ex-husband are all too happy to remind her. Dillon’s an ex-con, having served five years in prison. He’s surly. An outsider in her small hometown of Serenity Springs.

But none of that is what makes him so dangerous to her. That would be how patient he is with her kids. How kind he is to the rebellious teen who crashed into her bakery. How he makes her feel when they’re together: strong and capable and beautiful.

Still, she can’t afford to lose her heart to Dillon, no matter how tempted she is to step outside the lines of her safe, secure life. Not because she doesn’t trust him. But because she doesn’t trust herself.