Beth Andrews

Romance author. Coffee addict. Hockey lover. Dreamer.

Bebe Marks is the pseudonym Beth writes her shorter, sexier Once Tempted series under. These stories are as emotionally powerful as Beth’s longer romances, but with a higher heat level! Look for the second book in the series, Taggert’s Rules, coming this summer.

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Eight years ago, I shook the dust of my small hometown off my skates on my way to a career as one of the NHL’s top defensemen. Now I’m back.

And the girl I left behind is determined to show me what I’ve been missing.
Except, I’ve always known what I’ve been missing. What I gave up.

What I lost.

She offers me one week. One week of giving into the undeniable heat that’s always simmered between us. No strings. No promises. No future. Just pleasure.
She calls our week together closure.

I call it a second chance.

Because this time, I’m not walking away. I have a new goal: To once again win the heart of the girl next door.

And to keep it. Forever.