Beth Andrews

Romance author. Coffee addict. Hockey lover. Dreamer.

Caught Up in You

In Shady Grove book 3

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The education of Eddie Montesano…

Working as a partner in his family’s contracting company and raising his seven-year-old son alone, Eddie Montesano prides himself on doing everything on his own. But when Max needs help with a learning issue, Eddie will do everything in his power to help his son.

Even if that means biting back his pride and asking someone else for help.

But just because he turns to Max’s teacher Harper Kavanagh in a professional capacity, doesn’t mean he’s going to let his guard down around the beautiful, smart, single mother—no matter how enticing she is. After the failure of his marriage he learned his lesson: Relationships aren’t for him.

Except the more time he spends with Harper and her young daughter, the more he wants them both in his and Max’s life. Forever.