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In This Town

The Truth about the Sullivans trilogy, Book 3

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Everyone in Mystic Point knows the story of the Valerie Sullivan. How she left her husband and three young daughters without a word eighteen years ago, never to be heard from again. They all know she was beautiful. Reckless. Wild. And always searching for a way out of her small hometown. Yes, everyone knows the story of the Sullivans.

Now they’re going to learn the truth.

The truth will set her free…

Single mom Tori Sullivan Mott has a lot going on. Not only is her family still reeling from the truth about her mother’s disappearance twenty years ago, but her ex-husband is getting serious with his sweet-as-candy new girlfriend and her preteen son hates her for initiating the divorce in the first place.

So…yeah. Full plate over here, no need to pile on anymore, thanks all the same. Especially not a burning attraction to some hot detective in town to investigate her sister for misconduct. Sure, Walker Bertrand may be all that’s good and honorable in the world, but she long ago stopped wishing for some knight-in-shining-armor to rescue her.

But every time she turns around, there he is. It wouldn’t be so bad if he was only digging into her family’s past, but he wants more from her. He sees her act for what it is and he wants her truth. Her secrets.

He sees something in her, something other than her mother’s sins, something more than her own failures and mistakes. He sees the real her.

That’s what makes him so dangerous.

But when the past gives up its last, most devastating secret, Tori will have to decide whether to keep hiding or fight for what her heart wants most.