Beth Andrews

Romance author. Coffee addict. Hockey lover. Dreamer.


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At seventeen, Natalie Hewitt has her future mapped out. Graduate top of her class. Get into The University of Pennsylvania with Philip, her boyfriend. After college, marry Philip. And along the way be a top athlete, the perfect daughter, and a good friend. It’s not easy living up to the pressure she puts on herself. Sometimes she feels overwhelmed with the anxiety. So she has her quirks, like counting the flowers painted on her wall, to help her calm down.

Lately, though, it’s taking so much effort—and more counting—to feel normal, and her quirks are veering into obsessions. But it’s not her fault. Nothing is the way it used to be. Her best friend is drifting away. Her brother is in trouble…again. Worse, Philip is convinced there’s something going on between her and Owen Radlowski.

That’s so not true. Owen is just a guy she tutors. A friend. Nothing more. And yet…she can’t stop thinking about him. He gets her—even the counting—and doesn’t expect her to be anything other than herself. Still, Owen is not Philip, which makes him the wrong guy for her. He has no place in her plans.

But as her carefully arranged life unravels, Natalie has to face what is real. And it might not be what she thinks it should be.