Beth Andrews

Romance author. Coffee addict. Hockey lover. Dreamer.

Small-Town Redemption

In Shady Grove book 4

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Plan your work, and work your plan…

E.R. nurse Charlotte Ellison has her future all planned out: Marriage, kids and a life right here in her beloved hometown of Shady Grove. And not just any marriage. The perfect marriage to the perfect man.

Unfortunately, her perfect man was in love with her imperfect sister.

Oh, well. Live and learn. She’s moved on from the disastrous, humiliating events of a few months ago that ended with her attempting to seduce sexy, badass Kane Bartasavich. A seduction he wanted no part of.

No problem. She’s glad he turned her down. The whole thing had been a huge lack of judgment. She’ll just keep her distance from him from here on out and get back to the plan. No more missteps. No more mistakes.

Except, missteps seem to be the only ones she’s capable of making when Kane ends up as her patient after an accident. And mistakes are inevitable when he tempts her to veer off her carefully mapped out route.

Looks like she might have to rework a few of those best laid plans…