Beth Andrews

Romance author. Coffee addict. Hockey lover. Dreamer.

What Happens Between Friends

In Shady Grove book 2

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Friendship set on fire…

When Sadie Nixon’s life falls apart, yet again, she returns home to Shady Grove and the one person she cares for above all else, her best friend James Montesano. Friends since they were ten, she can always count on James to have her back without judgments, recriminations or strings.

Except, James isn’t acting like himself. Seems he’s no longer satisfied with playing is safe or playing by the rules. And after they give into the attraction that’s always simmered below the surface of their friendship and move into friends-with-all-the-hot-and-steamy-benefits territory, he wants more.

Sadie’s always been in his heart, but now he wants her in his bed, and in his life, permanently.

Except Sadie doesn’t do permanent. Or have any plans of staying in Shady Grove. But she doesn’t want to lose James, either.

Sometimes, friendship is just the beginning…